How It Works


Our Community

We are a community of individuals who have made a conscious decision to actively lead a sustainable lifestyle, whilst supporting entrepreneurial businesses producing eco-friendly, natural, organic and/or vegan products, to help save the planet.  We are very much about trust and sharing information with people we know, through friends of friends. 

How It Works

Our members subscribe monthly with an affordable sum to receive new products from ethical brands at an added-value price.  We aim to provide a discount off the RRP should you have bought directly from the high street or retailer. We ask you to review the products, once a month with your honest opinion and link back to the brand’s website and/or social media pages, with a photo, hashtags and a backlink.



Our Network

The real benefit is when we grow our community. We hope that our members will talk about us, and we will pay £5 for every month a referred member opts into.  Our service comes from the heart and a genuine ambition to help save the planet, support families and small entrepreneurial businesses that share our values.


Your Responsibilities

We ask our members to follow us on our social media channels,  and review the monthly products using the hashtags and links provided. Don't worry if you don’t like a product, that’s what makes our service unique and valuable - real people with real views to provide feedback to the business owners to help them improve. 


Our Commitment To You

We promise to source products that meet our core values of being a start-up or small entrepreneurial business producing goods that are sustainable, organic, natural, eco-friendly, vegan, biodegradable and/or low carbon footprint. You can also stop your subscription at any time, put it on hold for a few months, and pick it up again when it's convenient for you. 


The Financials

Our monthly subscription fee of £20 +VAT* is due at the beginning of each month. You do have the option to opt out if you don’t want that month's product, which we will inform you about either/or via email and/or our social media accounts. Our subscription products will be delivered around the 3rd or 4th week of each month.

*We aren't VAT registered yet, but feel it's better to state this up front for when we do register for VAT.