Partner Brands


Start-up and SME brands face numerous challenges with reaching their target markets without big marketing budgets.

Ethikal Lives delivers online real customer reviews and increases

online followers.

Partner Benefits

Our partner brands benefit from an opportunity to directly introduce their brand and product range to consumers in their homes. We actively encourage our members to share their experiences through their social media channels and link back to you - the brand owners - elevating your online digital footprint. As business owner, we offer you the opportunity to expand your database, generate more followers on social media and create backlinks to your website, for your off-page SEO and sell direct to consumer. 

You Receive

Multiple backlinks 

For example 50 backlinks to the home page & 50 backlinks to the product pages


Customer reviews using your

hashtags and brand


Tags on social media


Featured on Ethikal Lives website with backlinks to home and product pages


Promoted via Ethikal Lives social

media network


Promoted on our members social

media network


Earned Media

For example 50 x 100 reach = 5000

(based upon an average of

100 followers per purchaser). 

Our Community

Our members are a community of like-minded trusted individuals, whom share our values.

Based in UK and France, comprising C1+, age 35+, home purchase decision makers, influencers, early adopters, eco-warriors.

We vet all our members to ensure they are comfortable to deliver genuine customer reviews and backlinks, as well as meet our criteria. 


How It Works

We will discuss the products you wish to promote. After an agreement has been reached on price and product, we promote your brand on our website and social media channels to our members.

We send you the database for delivery. Once our members have received your product, we advise the hashtags and provide the backlinks, using short codes, to be included in their review on their social media accounts. The product photography is left to them for authenticity. 

Our Commitment

We ensure that all the data you receive has been authenticated and verified, with permission under GDPR to share our members data with you. We will then use your hashtags to promote your brand on our social media accounts and create backlinks to your product pages from our website. If you share your keywords with us, we will request our members to include these when they review your product. Through our networking approach, we are constantly growing our

network and reach.


Your Responsibilities

You ship your products directly to our subscribers with the information we provide to you. It’s all permission based and we ask that our members can opt out of any future communication you have with them at anytime. We ask that delivery within the UK is included*. Our members in France and overseas understand that there may be an incremental charge for postage. We ask that you use the most economical means possible. 

*Unless you are in France and delivery to France would be free and paid by members to the UK. 

Our Ethos

We work with like-minded individuals, who have made a conscious decision to actively increase their income, with a sustainable lifestyle for their families. We support entrepreneurial businesses producing eco-friendly, natural, organic and/or vegan products, to help save the planet.

We use mothers’ nature to empower and educate our network to benefit all of us, our partners and the planet.