We are a community of individuals who have made a conscious decision to actively look for green products to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. We support entrepreneurial, small businesses producing eco-friendly, natural, organic and/or vegan products, to help save the planet for our children and future generations. 

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Customer Reviews

"My new favourite from @Livingpurenatural delivered via @EthikalLives. Smells gorgeous, knocks years off and makes for a fabulous present!" 

Margaret, Liverpool, Twitter, Oct 2020

"My next product review for Ethikal Lives is for this VERY good looking Broken Clock Vodka. Vodka isn't really my drink, but so much about this made me want to try it - words like 'organic', 'artisan', and 'traditional copper pot'; but most of all to read that it is 'for those who dream of stopping the mechanical flow of time'...oh yes. So how did it taste? Well, drunk neat it is very clear, but with what I believe is called a 'lingering finish'. Its tasting notes list all sorts of things that promise to dance up my nose and on my palate...dewy grass, hints of fruits and citrus... and guess what? They do! Next was my first ever Moscow Mule. It seems this stuff mixes well, too. Oh, smooth joy! This is seriously good stuff.."  

Dory, Oxford, Facebook, Dec 2020

"Received through Ethikal Lives by Living Pure Natural. Was very impressed by the packaging of my Oleum serum, nice box, velvet bag, and personal letter. The serum itself smelled divine, and was very moisturising, 2 to 3 drops being sufficient. I have sensitive dry skin, and find it hard to find a good product, this is perfect, and great value! Thanks to Ethikal Lives, great value and service."  

Julie, Cannes, Facebook, Nov 2020

"I started using this wonderful serum from Living Pure Natural, that I received through my monthly subscription with Ethikal Lives. It is rich with essential oils and smells amazing. I am thrilled with the results. In less than a month, it has softened fine lines around the eye area. It is oil-based so a little goes a long way, especially for oily skin. Definitely recommended."  

Leigh, Mougins, Facebook, Noc 2020

"I was recently introduce to @ethikal_lives and I love the idea of it.  You pay £20 a month for their subscription and you will receive an ethical product to your door each month with an RRP of at least £25, and postage is also included - meaning you receive a great discount on products."  

Natalie, Peterborough, Instagram, Dec 2020


Ethikal Lives is our solution to help families lead better 'greener' lives, to help save the planet and support ethical producers of household  and personal products. We use our knowledge and skillsets with our network, which helps combat climate change, supports start-ups and SMEs of natural, organic sustainable and/or vegan products. 

We know the work/life/family/money balance is a hard juggle, because we have this every day too. Through our monthly subscription service, we aim to create value, and help you discover many sustainable, ethical products that you can adapt into your daily routines. 


And why the 'K' you may ask? Because we are redefining new principles of ethics to meet your needs. 

We hope you enjoy Ethikal Lives and our partners products.




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